Installing PHPUnit on OS X

Your projects must be tested. It can be done manually, using PHPUnit or in another way. I'm going to show you how to set up and configure PHPUnit on OS X.

Travis - Beginning

 - it's a service for automated code testing. It's integrated with GitHub, supports many languages and libraries. This time, we're interested in PHP and the PHPUnit tests. It's very convenient to have such an instrument while developing an open source library, because other developers don't need to run tests locally, everything will be available on Travis. I'm going to show how we can add a library to, and for this purpose I'm going to use 4devs/blog.

Hello World

Even though this blog post isn't related to any special subject, it's still important because it's a starting point for our blog. Here we will share our thoughts, knowledge and experience. We will write about interesting things that we used or still use in our work. Hope this first blog post will motive the creators of this site, and they will fill the site with meaningful content. The first blog post is written and our site has a great chance to live and be improved. The only thing I can add now is